Lady Antebellum Taking A “Chance” With ‘Hello World’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Lady Antebellum Taking A “Chance” With ‘Hello World’

Lady Antebellum is releasing a fourth single from their chart-topping album Need You Now. “Hello World” is the follow up to the multi-week No.1 hit, “Our Kind Of Love.” Lady A’s Dave Haywood recently revealed why they chose to release the song as a single.

“We loved the musical part [of the song], the lyrical part and it’s just such a fun moment when we perform this song in our live shows,” Haywood tells AOL’s The Boot. “We couldn’t be more excited to put it out as a single. Sometimes you’ve got to take a chance and follow your gut. The obvious choice would be to pick a catchier, three minute song [for the next single] that would fit right in with radio. ‘Hello World’ is a little bit longer of a song and it’s a ballad, but it’s got a message that we believe in. It was the same way with the song ‘Need You Now.’ We thought people may not play it, but we believed in the song. Our fans were responding to it early on, and we just went for it. That’s always been our mantra is to really try to be organic in this process and try to keep it about the music and what we believe in as songwriters.”

As for the song’s music video, Haywood says they’re still trying to come up with a concept.

“We’ve been looking at some things,” Dave says. “We’re trying to find something that’s epic or moving. Obviously it’s a powerful lyric and a powerful song, so we’re going to try to find the best kind of treatment that tells the entire story. Hopefully we can do something that will move people.”