LANco Gets Excited to Hear Their Single on the Radio

LANco's recent single, "Long Live Tonight," has gotten some airplay on country radio, which makes them realize that their dream has become a true reality. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
LANco Gets Excited to Hear Their Single on the Radio
Photo provided by Sony Music Nashville

The band LANco put their hearts and souls into the making of their recently-released four-song EP. So much so to the point that it wasn’t until recently that they really got to take in everything that’s happened in their career thus far.

Their debut single, “Long Live Tonight,” is currently playing on Country radio and every time they hear it play through their speakers, the band realizes how awesome it is to be doing what they do for a living.

“You know it’s the thing where there’s been so much work put into it and you always dream of this day, but until it really hits radio it doesn’t quite seem real until you’re driving on the road, and hear it in your car…or friends, or family start texting you and calling you, and saying ‘I just heard your song on the radio’ that it’s kind of made it all real,” said Brandon Lancaster of LANco.

LANco will feel more of the love for their music as they are set to play the popular summer music festival, Lollapalooza, in Chicago on July 31. Their single, “Long Live Tonight,” is on their EP, which is available for purchase HERE.