Lauren Alaina Begins Creative Process For Debut Album

Lauren Alaina Begins Creative Process For Debut Album

Like fellow American Idol alum Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina is beginning to plan and record her debut album. The “Like My Mother Does” singer recently revealed she’s already starting writing songs and listening to demos for the project.

Since her stint on ‘Idol,’ she’s made countless appearances around the country and while there is little time for songwriting, she tries to fit it in when she can.

“I write as much as I can, but I’ve been really busy lately, so I’ve got to get back into it,” Lauren tells The Boot. “I want to write with Taylor Swift! But I think that’s kind of impossible. [laughs] And Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood — I like that they’re singers and writers, too … I just want to meet those people! [laughs]”

Lauren is also considering songs that are being pitched to her from Nashville songwriters.

“I’ve got quite a few songs to listen to, and a few of them I’m really excited about,” she says. “Country music’s really good about telling a story, so I want songs that tell good stories where people can say, ‘That happened to me!'”

As for what will make it on the album, nothing has been set in stone yet. Lauren says she’s open to recording songs she didn’t write.

“We’re still in the process of figuring things out. If I could do some of my songs, that would be cool. But I have to do whatever is best for my album.”

As of now, no release date has been set for Lauren’s debut album. Fans can catch her on the American Idol LIVE tour this summer.