Lauren Alaina Calls ‘Doin’ Fine’ a ‘Brutally Honest’ Song About Family

Lauren Alaina sticks to the advice of writing what you know, so she decided to air out some family secrets on her new single.

Lauren Alaina Calls ‘Doin’ Fine’ a ‘Brutally Honest’ Song About Family
Lauren Alaina; Photo via Instagram

Lauren Alaina sticks to the advice of writing what you know, but for her upcoming single, she decided to air out some of her most personal family secrets with no reservations.

Her second single, “Doin’ Fine,” off of her latest album, Road Less Traveled, tells the roller coaster moments she’s dealt with over the past five years of her life making the record. From changes in relationships to facing the hardest interventions, Alaina’s seen a lot in her young life and that’s not about to stop her from telling the truth even in her artistic authority.

Of course, Alaina received the A-OK from her parents to discuss their private lives by way of uplifting song lyrics before recording the track in full. But the country singer just wanted to show that honesty is the best policy and the greatest form of therapy within her music.

“It’s not just my problem that I’m talking about now. It’s my whole family’s problem, which is weird, and I had to talk to them about it before I even put it on the album. It is brutally honest and leaves a lot of room for people to have a lot of opinions, but I just think that we all have problems and we’re all broken. It’s important to me to share that brokenness because it got me here, and going through those things kind of shaped me into the human that I am now,” Alaina said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media at her No. 1 party.

Sharing the song with her mom and dad, though, scared the lights out of Alaina. Although she knew they’d eventually be supportive of her creative process, she didn’t want to offend them by exposing their lives for the sake of her record.

“I sent it in an email because I was scared to death,” Alaina revealed. “I didn’t really know what to say about it. And my mom called me, and it was a really hard time for us when I sent the song. It was right in the midst of it. She called and told me it was her favorite song that I’ve ever written, which was so healing for me for her to say that. Because it’s her story, too.”

Rather than making her life seem so cookie-cutter and picture-perfect, Alaina got real with herself and her lyrics as she told her true story. Thankfully, her family and fans understood the message she aimed for and accepted everything she had to say about it.

“I got really tired of hiding who I am,” she revealed. “I did that for a really long time, and I was trying to be this perfect girl with this perfect family and this perfect body. And those people aren’t real. So, I got tired of trying to be that, and I think that this song just kind of speaks to that message overall. That’s my message as an artist. Nobody’s perfect, and we have to accept our flaws. And I think this song kind of follows that up really well.”

“Doin’ Fine” by Lauren Alaina can be heard on country radio now.