Lauren Alaina Recalls Valentine’s Day Gone Awry

“My kitchen threw up. Like literally I had potato peels flying through the air," she recalls. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Lauren Alaina Recalls Valentine’s Day Gone Awry
Lauren Alaina and Alex Hopkins; Photo via @laurenalaina on Instagram

Ah, February… The month that welcomes a celebration of love and the desire to plan the most perfect of all dates to show your significant other how much you care. Well, that’s the hope at least.

Ultimately, while working hard to plan a perfect evening, something will likely go awry and all plans are out the window, which is exactly what happened to Lauren Alaina on her first Valentine’s Day with her longtime boyfriend Alex.

“Our first Valentine’s I cooked for him and I had just moved into an apartment, my first apartment and I didn’t grow up with an upgraded kitchen so we didn’t have a disposal so I didn’t really understand how that works and I put potato peels in it…like an entire bag of potato peels. You’re not supposed to do that, just so you know,” Alaina told Sounds Like Nashville and other media outlets with a hint of desperation and drama.

“My kitchen threw up. Like literally I had potato peels flying through the air and it got all stopped up,” she continued with a laugh. “I’m a great cook I just didn’t know that. Did you guys know you’re not supposed to do that? Well you’re not, don’t! I had to get a person to come fix it, it was horrible, it was so embarrassing. And he got there when I was trying to fix it and we were a new couple, we had only been together 4 or 5 months and I was trying to be cute and really I just ended up having a sink of potatoes. And I put the water on you know and then the sink started overflowing because I was also boiling potatoes behind me and I forgot I had the water on. It was a disaster. But now I throw the potato peels away.”

But it wasn’t all bad… the experience made for a laughable moment and lifetime memory for the two, who been together for four years. Since then, Alex has been the one to cook and create memorable occasions for the pair.

My boyfriend outdoes himself all the time. I am going to brag. I’m bragging for myself because I am so proud to be his, but I am also bragging for all of the girls who think good guys don’t exist. @_alex_hopkins is 100% proof that that is a complete lie. I had to go out of town for work the last few days, and while I was gone he must have been very busy. When I got home there was a Hershey Kisses trail leading up to the front door. Alex asked me to open the door because “his hands were full with my luggage.” I had no idea what was waiting on the other side. The basket he placed above the door dumped about 300 pieces of paper on my head that he had handwritten the word “compliments” on. The kisses trail continued and led me into the kitchen where I found a dozen roses, a brand new shaker cup, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, the most precious piece of art I have ever seen, and an every bit as precious note all perfectly placed on the kitchen table. The artwork is called string art. He said he found that idea on Pinterest. It’s the state of Tennessee, and the heart inside it is in Nashville. He came up with the trail, the compliments, and the note all by himself. The note reads, “Now that I have showered you with compliments and kissed the ground you walk on, will you be my Valentine?” I’m pretty sure I’ll be his forever Valentine. I love you Alexander. 👫💋 #ValentinesDayRoundFour PS: if you go to snapchat: iamlaurenalaina there are videos too.

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“He’s so great he’s really sweet. He looks manly, but don’t let it fool you. He makes my gifts. He makes gifts,” she excitedly explained. “Have you seen the nail art where you nail into the wood and you make shapes? He made the shape of Tennessee and put strings all the way to this heart around Nashville. I know, he’s so cute I love him. And he’s all tough and manly and then secretly he’s a softy and super romantic. He always does something so sweet so I can’t wait to see what he does. I’m the one who’s not as sweet I guess because he just makes me look bad cause he’s so great. I’m just like ‘here’s some chocolate’ and he’s made this huge painting. But he’s awesome. I love him.”