Lauren Alaina Sends ‘Doin’ Fine’ To Country Radio

“The first line is, ‘Daddy got sober, mama got his best friend,’ so it kind of nails it in there immediately," said Alaina.

Lauren Alaina Sends ‘Doin’ Fine’ To Country Radio
Lauren Alaina; Photo via Instagram

Just weeks after notching her first No.1 with “Road Less Traveled,” Lauren Alaina will hit country radio hard with the powerful composition “Doin’ Fine.” The tune is an autobiography for the young singer, who’s had some very unique ups and downs in her family over the past several years.

“It’s about my dad. My dad’s an alcoholic and he went to rehab a couple years ago, and then my parents got divorced and it was crazy,” Alaina told Sounds Like Nashville previously. “My mom married a family friend and my dad married someone that’s 8 years older than me, so it was just like, these like… I literally live a country song, so I had to write one.”

This realization led Alaina to sit down with co-writers Emily Shackleton and busbee and quite literally put her life story to paper.

“The first line is, ‘Daddy got sober, mama got his best friend,’ so it kind of nails it in there immediately. It sounds almost funny, but that’s the truth. That’s actually what happened. Then, the chorus is about like, overcoming that and realizing that everybody’s family is crazy,” she explained with a laugh.

“It was kind of a turning point for me in the writing process because that was the first time that I was really, really, really honest about what was going on… like almost brutally honest,” she continued. “I think we all have those things about our lives that we don’t want people to know. I’ve just kind of written them all in a song.”

The Georgia native has been sharing her “brutally honest” family story for some time, as she’s performed the song in her live shows long before her album came out.

“I say at my shows, ‘Who in the crowd has a crazy family?’ One person every night doesn’t raise their hand. The only people who don’t are because they’re with their crazy family and they don’t want them to know,” she said. “My family is normal compared to some of the stories that I hear now. But that’s great because none of us are alone and the message of that song is pretty much the message of all of the songs. We all have different paths and we all have different perspectives and families and different things that we have to overcome and accepting that is key.”

“Doin’ Fine” is the second single from Alaina’s sophomore album Road Less Traveled and hits radio on May 22. Fans can listen to it now by subscribing to our Lauren Alaina playlist on Spotify.