Lauren Alaina Never Expected Fans to Relate to the Deeply Personal Track ‘Three’

The song "Three" from Lauren Alaina's sophomore album relates to her musical journey, but fans are also finding themselves in the song.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Lauren Alaina Never Expected Fans to Relate to the Deeply Personal Track ‘Three’
Lauren Alaina; Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images

Since releasing her sophomore album, Road Less Traveled, Lauren Alaina has been sharing more of herself with fans than ever before. The title track lead single and No.1 smash, “Road Less Traveled,” recounted the 23-year-old’s battle with bulimia, while her current release, “Doin’ Fine,” shares the personal story behind her family’s ups and downs, including her parents’ divorce and her father’s struggles with alcoholism.

Much of the album is extremely personal to Alaina, who co-wrote each of the 12 songs featured. While many of the tracks can be openly interpreted and applied to fans’ own personal situations, the more specific “Three” is very specific to the life of an artist and is a song that Alaina never expected people to relate to.

“‘Three’ is super personal to what we do in the music industry. But people come, and it’s their favorite song and they say that they relate it to their own dreams, that aren’t musical dreams,” the Georgia native recently explained to Sounds Like Nashville. “They’re just whatever they want to do, which was really interesting for me, because I never saw that coming, really, so that’s exciting.”

When asked if there were any stories from fans that stuck out to her, Alaina took a moment to think back. After a few moments, she recounted one from a young girl who’d hoped to one day escape the confines of her small town.

“This girl came up recently, and I don’t remember what she said she wanted to be, but she was from a small town and she was like, ‘I was just worried that people would say that I can’t do it, and that song ‘Three’ is so emotional, it just tells me that I can do it, because you did it,’” she recalled with a smile.

“And it’s true,” she added, “because I’m not any kind of special anything. I came from a small town, I love to sing, I made decisions that made this happen. I believed it and went for it. I didn’t do any kind of special anything to get it, I just went for it. It’s cool when people tell me stuff like that.”

Fans can catch Lauren Alaina on Cole Swindell’s headlining Reason to Drink Tour, launching in February.