Lauren Alaina ‘Super Excited’ for ‘American Idol’ Reboot

“I want to re-audition for the show because Katy Perry is a judge,” she spilled jokingly.

Lauren Alaina ‘Super Excited’ for ‘American Idol’ Reboot
Lauren Alaina; Photo by ABC/Lou Rocco

Lauren Alaina may have gotten her shot after placing as the runner-up on American Idol, but no one is as big of a fangirl for the reboot of the show as her.

After recently spreading the news that the iconic reality competition show would be coming back to television after its FOX finale last year, the team at ABC decided to give it another go for a revival season. Alaina, along many other Idol fans, jumped in excitement over the news that it wasn’t the true end for the talent series.

Pulling a close tie to the show, Alaina gratefully acknowledged that bringing the show back in its glory will reignite dreams of those wishing to make music their career and seeking out those hidden talents all across the country.

“I’m super excited. I was bummed when they canceled the show because I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you guys without that show. I may have found a way to do it, but it probably would have taken me longer and been a completely different path. So it’s exciting for me for the talented people around the country that may be from a town like Rossville, Georgia, and not know what the right steps to take to make their dreams come true. It’s my favorite TV show, so I’m not mad about it,” Alaina explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media outlets at her No. 1 party.

Not only is Alaina supportive of the revamped version of the show returning to the small screen rather soon, she made even try to sneak in a quick cameo. But she isn’t interested in taking a spot at the judges’ panel—she plans to go incognito just so Katy Perry can critique her face-to-face.

“I want to re-audition for the show because Katy Perry is a judge,” she spilled jokingly. “You don’t understand my obsession with her. It is next level. I’m literally…I may dress up as a different human and audition just so I can meet her.”

While she may not be truly auditioning anytime soon, Alaina’s got nothing to worry about as she’ll soon be touring with Luke Bryan for a few dates this summer.