Lauren Alaina Talks About Past Struggles with Body Image and Eating Disorders

Lauren Alaina recently discussed her past struggles with body image and her insecurities during her post-Idol success.

Lauren Alaina Talks About Past Struggles with Body Image and Eating Disorders
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On the outside, it would seem like Lauren Alaina had the perfect fairytale life. She had major success, tons of fans and the dream life so many aspire for. And yet, she too felt the pressures of the limelight.

Alaina recently discussed her past struggles with negative body image and her insecurities when it comes to her outward appearance. The country singer even talked about her bouts with bulimia, something she stayed quite secretive about while she suffered from the eating disorder.

“I had bulimia for a few years,” Alaina said in an interview with Motto recently. “I was really sick. I don’t know that person, I can’t believe that was me.”

Just as many young girls do, Alaina had a tough time dealing with body dissatisfaction and went to extreme lengths to obtain her perfect body post-Idol.

“I just desperately wanted to be thin,” she said. “That’s all I thought. I was obsessed with it, which it was ridiculous because I had everything going for me. I was following my dream.”

Thankfully, her mom became the real hero and stepped in at just the right time to make sure Alaina would try to be healthier and happier rather than focusing on any body shaming going on.

“My mom made me look in the mirror every day and say three things that I loved about myself,” she said. “At first, I couldn’t name anything. It was so sad. When my mom made me do that, I looked in the mirror and I literally couldn’t name one thing that I loved about myself.”

Alaina wants girls to understand they are not alone in this fight against insecurities. While loving yourself may not be an easy task, Alaina knows all too well how vital it is to realize that there are so many beautiful parts about life rather hating on your own body.

“It’s all about, no matter where you come from, that you can be who you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve,” she said. “I want people to learn to love who they are. Because that’s the hardest thing in life, being able to see yourself the way other people see you.”

Alaina will release her sophomore album in the next coming weeks.