Lauren Alaina Thinks Hiring Brad Paisley Would Be a ‘Good Move’ for ‘American Idol’

Lauren Alaina Thinks Hiring Brad Paisley Would Be a ‘Good Move’ for ‘American Idol’

Hollywood has been a-buzz with rumors about who will become the next “American Idol” judge for the past few weeks. As you know, Brad Paisley’s name was tossed into the mix earlier this week when a source close to the show revealed that producers are very interested in hiring him.

While there’s no word if Paisley is even interested in the position, or if producers have contacted him, it’s still fun to think about the idea of having one of country music’s finest on the judges panel.

“Idol” alum Lauren Alaina recently took time to weigh in on the Paisley rumor, and said she’s all for it.

“He has a great personality. Every time I’ve talked with him, he’s always super-nice,” she explained (quote via Country Aircheck). “I think that would be a good move for the show. Having a country artist as a judge would bring a whole new perspective to the country music community on the show because for the most part, it’s been all about pop music. I got lucky and people voted for me, but as far as country music as a whole, it hasn’t been present and I think that would step it up a bit.”

We’d have to agree with Lauren on this one, but considering Paisley’s busy fall schedule, we’re not sure if he can fit “American Idol” in. In addition to being on tour through the fall, the “Camouflage” singer is preparing to release a new studio album. But hey, if Blake Shelton can fit in “The Voice,” Paisley could surely work make this work. What do you think?