CONTEST: LeAnn Rimes In “Good Intentions”

CONTEST: LeAnn Rimes In “Good Intentions”


Congratulations to our two winners:

  • Donna
  • Mary Sue

LeAnn Rimes stars in a brand new movie titled Good Intentions, which is available on DVD today.

“I felt emotionally I could really dig my teeth into this and show what I could do,” says Rimes.

“I've been wanting to act, she adds, “It’s just been finding the right thing. And Good Intentions was the right thing at the right time. It was the right script.”

Rimes has two songs in the film, including her Grammy-nominated “Nothin' Better to Do” and the title track from her album “Family”.

To celebrate the film’s release, we are giving away copies of the DVD! To enter for your chance to win, send us an e-mail to with the subject line, “Good Intentions.” We’ll randomly select the winners later on Saturday….Good luck!

About the movie:

Meet Etta Milford. Loving Wife. Doting Mother. Armed Robber. When Etta's husband blows their nest-egg on ill-conceived inventions, she secretly decides to take “investment” matters into her own hands and things quickly go awry. With their savings gone, her husband suspicious, and their children out of control, Etta concocts a scheme of unexpected proportion to get back their money and save her family. There are just a few things she has to do first, including blackmailing the sheriff and holding up the grocery store before little league practice.

Watch the trailer:

Click HERE for more information on Good Intentions.