Lee Brice Releases ‘Boy,’ Announces Forthcoming Album

Lee Brice is prefacing his fourth studio album, set for release this fall, with the lead single from the project, "Boy."

Lee Brice Releases ‘Boy,’ Announces Forthcoming Album
Lee Brice; Photo courtesy Marushka Media

Lee Brice is giving us all the feels with his heartwarming new single “Boy.” Serving as the lead single from his fourth album, the track is the perfect encapsulation of the singer’s life with two sons as he and his wife Sara prepare to bring their third child, a girl, into the world.

“We wanted to make ‘Boy’ our first single for a couple of reasons,” said Brice in a press release. “First, Sara and I have two sons, Takoda (9) and Ryker (3). This song is a tribute to them; it’s my way of saying how proud I am to be their dad. The second reason is because, coincidentally, we have a daughter on the way in a couple of weeks and we wanted to share this song for our boys before she arrived.”

The song was written by Nicolle Galyon and Jon Nite, the former of which shared a little insight into the writing process of the emotional track.

“They say write what you know. and all Jon Nite & I knew that day was that i was 39 weeks pregnant with a boy. so God gave us this song. and then 10 days later God gave me Ford. life feels so epic sometimes,” she wrote.

The single is the first song from Brice’s upcoming self-titled album, set for release on November 3.

“Writing this record was a personal and vulnerable experience,” shared Brice. “Every song is a snapshot of who I am right now. I’ve labored over every word and every note, and I can’t wait to share it.”

The singer not only wrote of themes of family, love and hard work, but he also worked as a producer on the project with Jon Stone, Kyle Jacobs and Dan Friszell.

The project will be available for pre-order beginning September 1. “Boy” hits country radio on June 19. Check out the music video above.