Colors Liven Up a Former Love for Lena Stone in ‘Can’t Think Straight’

Stone actually found inspiration for the song on Pinterest!

Written by Kelly Brickey
Colors Liven Up a Former Love for Lena Stone in ‘Can’t Think Straight’
Lena Stone; Photo courtesy: Nashville Music Media

Rather than create a treatment filled with a script and actors who couldn’t relate to the story, Lena Stone wanted the song to do the talking in the video for “Can’t Think Straight.”

Stone relied on the emotional content from the song and the reminiscent attitude flowing through each personal lyric. Allowing shades of blue and purple to illuminate on the studio performance going on beside her, the video focuses on what Stone sings about over any other wild production.

“One of the things I want to show off is that there’s actually a lot of depth to the songwriting and storytelling part of it. It’s about the summer that I moved to Nashville and that was the year that I fell in love the first time and then got my heartbroken for the first time. I really wanted to show off the lyric. We thought it would be cool to get all the players together who played on the original record and get in the studio and record a live version that’s a little bit more acoustic and show off the lyrics of the song, the story of the song. While we recorded that, we brought in Stormlight Pictures, who are the video production company that I work with. They filmed it, and we had these awesome purple and blue, all of my colored lights and the fog machine going. We really wanted to show off the story of the song,” Stone explained to Sounds Like Nashville during a recent phone interview.

Surprisingly enough, Stone gained inspiration for “Can’t Think Straight” from the boards of Pinterest. Leaning off a quote she came across on the social media site, she thought about her former flame and wondered if he did the same from time to time.

“I’d seen this Pinterest quote that was something about, ‘Am I the one you think about late at night?’ That was the gist of it. It made me think about the summer that I moved to Nashville when I was 18, lying in my bed and thinking about my high school ex-boyfriend who I had broken up with, and thinking about all our memories together, and being 18 and stupid and falling in love for the first time. I wanted a song that – between the actual musical part of it and the lyrics – took you back to whenever your first love was,” she revealed of the song’s inspiration.

Check out the exclusive premiere for “Can’t Think Straight” above and be sure to add it to your Spotify playlist.