Lennon and Maisy Reflect on What It’s Like to Grow Up on ‘Nashville’

Lennon and Maisy have always made the spotlight look easy as they’ve become young women throughout the years on the set of Nashville.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Lennon and Maisy Reflect on What It’s Like to Grow Up on ‘Nashville’
Lennon and Maisy; Photo courtesy CMT

Being a kid actor is never an easy job, but Lennon and Maisy have always made the task look easy as they’ve grown up throughout the years on the set of Nashville.

Both young ladies have gracefully made their way past all of the drama and pressures that fame can hand to anyone in that industry, and blossomed into the professional actors they work hard to be. But it didn’t always come easy for the two of them.

Around the age of 11, Maisy decided to take her schooling to set because balancing a busy filming schedule on top of her mountains of homework wasn’t always a fun job. Through the sudden changes and homeschool lifestyle though, she’s found comfort in her new friends that stand behind her no matter what’s going on.

“I stopped going to public school in sixth grade, so I’ve been out for like two and a half years because I ended like mid-sixth grade. I stopped going to public school. I’ve definitely gained friends, but I’ve definitely lost friends. There’s been some people in public school that just…it was weird because when I was in public school, I was never there and I feel like a lot of people didn’t like that. It was weird being in public school and also filming. It was also insanely stressful because it was like homework and tests and everything, and we were on set all the time so it was just really stressful. But I’ve definitely gained friends and lost friends,” she admitted to Sounds Like Nashville recently.

Some of those friends come in the likes of the cast and crew, who Lennon credits as being some of the best influences they surround themselves with. Treating everything like one big happy family while filming, Lennon has always found her comfort zone within the people she works with day in and day out, and relies on them whenever she needs a hand.

“Obviously, it has its challenges and there’s been pieces that can be kinda hard about growing up on camera,” she revealed. “But for the most part, the show has been the most amazing experience for us. The people, I mean just learning from them acting-wise but just learning from them as humans, they’re just really awesome people. Like we’re just surrounded by a really, really awesome cast and a really, really awesome crew, so we have been extremely fortunate to say the least.”

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