Lennon Stella Releases Haunting Acoustic Video for ‘Like Everybody Else’

Nashville star Lennon Stella is shedding her onscreen persona with her own music in a video for the song "Like Everybody Else."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Lennon Stella Releases Haunting Acoustic Video for ‘Like Everybody Else’
Lennon Stella; Photo credit: Paige Colaberdino

Fresh off the Nashville series finale and shedding her image as Maddie Conrad, Lennon Stella is ready to step into the spotlight as herself, with fresh new music to kick off this next chapter. The singer/songwriter debuted an acoustic music video for a song called “Like Everybody Else,” highlighting her evocative vocals and impeccable songwriting.

Proving that she isn’t immune to feeling left out, the young singer croons “Run fast / Run away / Run straight into the loneliness / It isn’t only home I miss / Like the night all my friends got together / I heard about it afterwards / Didn’t think was gonna hurt so much” in the opening verse.

“It’s so hard to feel unique,” shared Stella of the song she co-wrote with Erin McCarley and Francis “Eg” White. “There are so many options in front of your face all the time. It’s difficult being young and trying to find your way and having a world full of people doing exactly what you want to do.”

Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella; Photo credit: Paige Colaberdino

The song is the first of what’s sure to be many new tracks from the young singer. Before wrapping her time on Nashville, Stella looked towards the start of her solo career with a new record deal. In a joint venture between RECORDS and Columbia Records, the singer was excited to expand on her musical journey.

“I feel so lucky to work hand in hand with this incredible and inspiring group of people. There are no words to describe the feeling of finally being able to release my own music, something I have always dreamed of. I am truly thankful for all the love and support,” she tweeted at the time.

Check out the video for “Like Everybody Else” above and keep up with Lennon Stella on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.