Levi Riggs Premieres Energetic Love Song, ‘She Got A Thing’

Get a first listen of this new song!

Levi Riggs Premieres Energetic Love Song, ‘She Got A Thing’
Levi Riggs; Photo credit: Liz Newman

Levi Riggs is premiering his upbeat love song, “She Got A Thing,” exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today, May 13th. In the summer-ready tune, Riggs sings about all the things his love interest enjoys, such as “cheap red wine,” “warm summer nights” and more, and fortunately for the singer, his love interest has a “thing” for him as well.

“Thank God she got, she got, she got a thing for me,” Riggs sings in the chorus.

This positive message about love gone right is backed by fiddle, banjo and electric guitar instrumentation, along with a hint of pop-influenced beats. The tune was written by Arlis Albritton, Jason Vanover and Steven Nix and produced by Maks Gabriel. Riggs first heard the song at the start of the pandemic and the track was produced in a socially distant manner.

“‘She Got A Thing’ was pitched directly to me by songwriter Jason Vanover (Broken Bow / Magic Mustang Publishing) while we were on COVID lockdown in the early days of the pandemic,” Riggs tells SLN. “I remember he sent it through Facebook Messenger, of all places! I immediately loved the positive vibe and the production of the demo – it was something new and fresh.

“I asked Jason who produced the demo, and he gave me Maks Gabriel’s number,” Riggs continues. “Maks ultimately produced the final track, and we really had a blast creating it. I sang the final version isolated in Maks’ garage, trying to take proper precautions – we just talked through the mic and headphones like we would in the studio. To this day, I still haven’t seen his face in person. A crazy story, but an awesome song came out of it!”

“She Got A Thing” follows Riggs’ previous singles, including 2020’s “Cash Black” and 2019’s “Can’t Cool Me Off.”

“I hope my fans enjoy listening to the track as much as I did recording it,” Riggs says of the song. “It’s a party in a song that takes some adventurous vocal runs and I can’t wait to play it live on stage with everyone singing it back to me on the road.”