Want to Play Guitar? Lindsay Ell Has Some Advice

She had two important pieces of advice...

Written by Lauren Laffer
Want to Play Guitar? Lindsay Ell Has Some Advice
Lindsay Ell; Photo courtesy of FlyteVu

Lindsay Ell is a fierce guitar player, shredding with the likes of Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. She first picked up the guitar at eight years old, studying some of the best guitar-playing musicians around, including Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Derek Trucks.

She eventually made the instrument her own and has included it as a staple part of her live show.

“I can play for hours and hours at a time,” she previously told Gretsch Guitars. “When I’m home I can honestly have my amp going most of the day and time slips away from me when I’m in guitar world (as) I call it. It just brings me into a different place.”

Because of her passion for the guitar, Sounds Like Nashville asked the Canada native for her advice to anyone hoping to pick it up and play it themselves. First tip? Go electric.

“Electric is easier on your fingers. If you’re figuring out what to buy, it’ll be actually easier to play an electric first over an acoustic,” she shared.

That’s not all though… If you really want to learn the guitar, have a love for music.

“Learn music that you love. Don’t learn songs that books tell you to learn for the first year that you’re playing,” she shared. “Just find music that you love, like your favorite song to listen to on the radio, learn that. ‘Cause that’s what’s gonna make you want to pick it up and practice.”