Lindsay Ell Shares Pre- And Post-Surgery Video Update

Ell's doctor found something that "looked a little weird" and decided to do a biopsy.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Lindsay Ell Shares Pre- And Post-Surgery Video Update
Lindsay Ell; Photo via YouTube

Lindsay Ell is encouraging regular health checks after a recent appointment with her doctor changed her life. It was just a couple weeks ago that the singer visited her doctor’s office for a seemingly regular check-up. After noticing something that “looked a little weird,” they decided to run a biopsy for a more thorough look.

“I go see the doctor the next day and they sat me down and they’re like, ‘Lindsay, you don’t have cancer, but you have pre-cancerous cells in your body and we need to have them removed,'” she recalled in the latest episode of her What The Ell? video series.

She then shared that the next morning, she’d be undergoing surgery to clear her body of the cells.

As the video continued, Ell recorded herself in the waiting room pre-surgery with her mom and a friend.

“The only way to get her to sleep is to put her under,” joked her friend in hopes of lifting Ell’s spirits before the procedure.

“So I’m finally back home,” said the “Criminal” singer at the end of the video. “I made this vlog purely for the incentive to try and encourage you guys to go to the doctor. Even if your body feels fine and you think you are healthy, you never know what’s really going on. And just getting an annual check up could be the difference to saving your life and catching something early. You honestly never know.”

The surgery didn’t keep Ell out of commission for long as she jetted off to the UK just hours later for a run of shows. Ell will continue her worldwide trek with performances in Japan, Australia and back in the United States.