Is Lionel Richie Ready to Release Another Country Record?

Is Lionel Richie revisiting the country world?

Written by Lauren Laffer
Is Lionel Richie Ready to Release Another Country Record?
Lionel Richie on the Red Carpet at The 52nd Annual CMA Awards, on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 in Downtown Nashville. Photo courtesy of CMA

It’s been six years since Lionel Richie dipped his toes into the country music world with the release of his album Tuskegee. The legendary singer is ready to dive in head first this time with a brand new project he’s excitedly been working on.

“I’m about to make that move right now,” Richie told The Tennessean on the CMA Awards red carpet. “Because what’s happening is, they keep asking me over and over again … A lot of times, people try to make up something to make it happen. But I’m getting it from country radio: ‘When are you gonna do it?’ So let’s (not) play around. Keep your ears open. It’s gonna be something surprising.”

While he’s keeping the details to himself, Richie is excited to put down deeper roots within the Nashville community. After his first project he developed a friendship with Luke Bryan, which has grown even stronger as the two sit side-by-side as judges on American Idol. Their bond is so deep, in fact, that Bryan is encouraging Richie to buy a house in his neighborhood.

“I feel like I just live here. The only thing Luke is trying to convince me of, he said, ‘You need a house down the street.’ And I said, ‘No, Luke, the town ain’t big enough for the two of us.'”