LOCASH Celebrate The Journey of ‘One Big Country Song’

This song will help brighten up anyone's mood.

LOCASH Celebrate The Journey of ‘One Big Country Song’
LOCASH, Photo Credit: David McClister

In May 2019, LOCASH released their current single “One Big Country Song,” a feel-good anthem that encourages listeners to take life as it comes and forget their worries. Now, more than a year later, that song has reached Number One on the country radio charts. While the journey of “One Big Country Song” was a long one, the duo’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust believe the song’s message was something that needed to be heard in the trying months of 2020.

“I really feel like, starting in March of 2020, this song started really picking up heat and it was on fire,” Lucas tells Sounds Like Nashville. “People just started gravitating to it because of that positive message. We are in this together, and it’s funny, it is one big country song.”

“It feels like we’re giving them three minutes of feel good that they really need right now, and that means a lot to Chris and I,” adds Brust. “When we’re picking songs and we’re writing songs and we’re cutting songs and we’re putting songs on radio, especially right now, we’re looking for positivity, we’re looking for that underlying thread of silver lining and feel good that sometimes you just can’t find anywhere except for on country radio.”

Not only has the song added positivity to the lives of the duo’s fans and country radio listeners, but the song’s success has been welcome event for LOCASH, who, like every artist in music, had to completely alter their touring plans for the year due to the pandemic.

“It’s been our light through the darkness, which is not too much darkness for us because God bless we’re healthy and our families are doing good, and we’re taking advantage of the moment of being with our families,” says Lucas. “But the song has always been that.”

The “One Big Country Song” party also continues to grow, as the tune was recently given the remix treatment by RoadHouse, a new DJ duo recently signed by BBR Music Group comprised of Dee Jay Silver and DJ Ikon.

“They added some things that could bring some folks who don’t listen to country music over to country, and also, for the country folks who have heard this song 2000 times already on radio, it gives them another reason to listen again because it sounds a little different,” says Brust.

In addition to watching “One Big Country Song” fly up the charts, the duo have been busy working on new music during their time off the road. They have been co-writing with each other and fellow songwriters over Zoom and plan to release new music soon that will encompass both of their interests.

“Chris loves being on the water; that’s why he lives in Florida and that’s why he has a boat, and I love being in the mountains and the woods, and that’s why I have an ATV and I’ve got deer stands up and I’m always tracking turkeys and having a good time out there trail riding,” says Brust. “I’ll give you that much. I like the woods, he likes the water, and that’s a clue of the direction we’re headed.”