Luke Bryan Opens ACM Entertainer of the Year Trophy (With The Help of Cole Swindell)

This was a hilarious call to the past!

Luke Bryan Opens ACM Entertainer of the Year Trophy (With The Help of Cole Swindell)
Luke Bryan; Photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Luke Bryan posted a video of himself finally receiving and opening his Entertainer of the Year award from the Academy of Country Music Awards, which took place on April 18th. Bryan’s wife Caroline can be heard behind the camera and Cole Swindell is also on hand to help out. Bryan begins to open the award, but he needs a little help from Swindell with the box. After Swindell help him and he unwraps the bubble wrap and paper surrounding the award, he opens the black box containing the pristine trophy.

“Never gets old,” said Bryan.

Right after he opened it, someone called his cell phone and Bryan answered it, saying, “I gotta call you back,” with humor in his voice. Swindell responded that Bryan was “still entertaining” even when answering his phone. Swindell helping Bryan open the box was almost like going back in time for the singer, as he used to sell Bryan’s merchandise at his shows. Swindell made a reference to this in his comment on the video.

“T-shirts, koozies, EOTY trophies… whatever ya need help getting out of boxes, I gotcha! Congrats bud,” he wrote.

Bryan also received comments from some of his other country buddies. Jason Aldean wrote, “Always a great day when those get delivered. Congrats buddy. Well deserved!” Dierks Bentley also commented to laugh at Swindell’s “still entertaining” joke, and Karen Fairchild and Dustin Lynch sent emojis. Bryan also received a congratulatory comment form his mother, LeClaire, who wrote, “My amazing baby. One proud mama.”

Swindell and Bryan were fraternity bothers at Georgia Southern University before they both broke into the music industry. Once Bryan landed his record deal, he brought Swindell on to sell merchandise. This allowed Swindell to learn about the music industry, which only aided him in his own career.

“When it came time for me to get my record deal, it was like I’d already been here, just kind of watching, only one it was me and my name on the line, and me having to do the things he had to do,” Swindell once told