Luke Bryan Celebrates “Someone Else Calling You Baby”

Luke Bryan Celebrates “Someone Else Calling You Baby”

On Monday (3/21), Luke Bryan, his friends and family, and industry professionals gathered at the BMI building in Nashville to celebrate the success of his third consecutive No.1 single, “Someone Else Calling You Baby.”

“To have certainly three No. 1s in a row [is amazing], with this being obviously the third. It’s been a crazy little run we’re having, and we’re certainly hoping we can kind of string quite a few of them together and make sure we enjoy everything that is coming our way,” Luke said during the party (quote via The Boot).

Luke co-penned the song with Jeff Stevens, whose hits include George Strait’s “Carrying Your Love With Me” and “Carried Away.

“What was interesting about ‘Someone Else Calling You Baby’ is when we recorded it, it was in the first batch of songs we recorded, so it was like six songs and obviously, ‘Baby’ was one of ‘em,” Luke explains. “I turned them in and Capitol was like, ‘Ah, we don’t think you have the one yet.’ I thought ‘Baby’ was going to be the lead single. I mean, I really felt good about it being first. It kind of got passed over, and then we recorded ‘Do I’ and ‘Rain Is a Good Thing’ in the next batch. Obviously, we had the right songs at that point. So, the fact that ‘Someone Else Calling You Baby’ became a No. 1 kind of validates me, internally. I knew at least it was good enough to be a No. 1, so I was happy about that.”

Luke’s next single is a brand new song called “Country Girl (Shake It for Me),” which will be featured on his next studio album.