Luke Bryan is Inspired By The Contestants He’s Met on ‘American Idol’

“My biggest surprises are how there's still hidden talent in the world,” Bryan recently shared.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Luke Bryan is Inspired By The Contestants He’s Met on ‘American Idol’
ABC's "American Idol" judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with host Ryan Seacrest. (ABC/Eric Liebowitz)

In March 2018, music fans will experience a brand new American Idol as the hit reality competition show returns to television. Debuting on ABC, Idol will once again give singing hopefuls the chance to live out their dreams and pursue a career in music.

At the helm once again will be Ryan Seacrest, the show’s longtime host, who will be joined by new judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. The three judges have been hard at work, hunting down the latest and greatest in untapped talent. The experience has been an eye-opening one for Bryan, who is grateful for the chance to help young performers get their shot at fame.

“My biggest surprises are how there’s still hidden talent in the world,” Bryan recently shared with Sounds Like Nashville and other media. “There’s still voices out there that are paired with these unassuming characters. [They] walk in and the second they open their mouth it’s like God has made that person a singer. And that’s what’s inspiring about trying to find the next American Idol. It’s those people that truly … they walk in and  the canvas is blank and then the second they open their mouth you can visualize and see everything. You can see a future for them, and it’s pretty inspiring.”

While Bryan finds the contestants to be inspiring, he’s also found inspiration from his fellow judges during the time he’s gotten to spend with them.

“To be on this ride with them and to see how serious they take it and how important it is… It’s an undertaking and a challenge that, when I started saying my opinion on the first day and they started agreeing with it, I was like, ‘Hell yes, I’m gonna be okay. We’re on the same page.’ I was very flattered that I could come in and be the ole country boy voice,” he said previously.

Luke Bryan will make his judging debut on the American Idol revival when it premieres Sunday, March 11 on ABC.