Luke Bryan’s Family Stars In ‘What Makes You Country’ Music Video

Luke's sons, Bo and Tate, and nephew, Til, all appear in the clip! 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Luke Bryan’s Family Stars In ‘What Makes You Country’ Music Video
Luke Bryan; Photo via YouTube

Luke Bryan is giving fans an inside look at his own life in the outdoors with his brand new music video for “What Makes You Country.” The nearly five-minute clip features the Georgia native, along with his two sons Bo and Tate and nephew Til, along with several of their friends.

As the video begins, Bryan and his young crew are seated around a campfire, poking fun at one another. The boys start to get riled up and Bryan warns them to “quit fighting.” After some time, the boys ask to play spotlight in the dark, to which Bryan says okay, but to be careful and stay close.

After the opening scene, the video follows the group of boys as they explore the woods around them, carefully trekking into an old abandoned cabin in the woods. But that’s not the only thing that keeps the boys busy. The group spends time rolling through the mud on four-wheelers, throwing sticks for the family dog Choc, fishing and swinging from a tree.

Maintaining his down-home southern roots is something Bryan has always strived to do and he clearly pulled the inspiration for the rousing track–and its video–from his own life.

Luke Bryan in his 'What Makes You Country' Music video

Luke Bryan; Photo credit- Ethan Helms /FlyHigh Films

“What makes me proud to be country, that’s a tough question. What makes me proud? I guess the fact that I’ve navigated so many aspects of this career and held onto being country in a lot of ways. I wake up, I get to go take my boys out and do country things. I’ve gotten to follow all my dreams and still kind of remain true to who I am as a person. So yeah, that’s what makes me proud to be country,” shared Bryan recently. “I feel like my lifestyle hopefully has inspired some people to be positive and have fun and not take yourself too seriously. I think people understand me to just that and not be too serious all the time. Life is serious enough and so when I’m on stage I just try to – I just try to be as country as I can and let people see that and let people have fun with that.”

The video is likely Bryan’s last release before the new year. But fans of the Georgia native won’t have to wait long for the singer to reemerge as he heads to Mexico for his fifth annual Crash My Playa festival. The destination festival, featuring performances from Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch and more, is scheduled for January 23-26 in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Check out the fun-filled “What Makes You Country” clip above.