Luke Bryan Approves Spot-On Impression of Him By ‘American Idol’ Contestant

The resemblance between Luke Bryan's voice and the mimicing of the contestant is quite uncanny, to say the least.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Luke Bryan Approves Spot-On Impression of Him By ‘American Idol’ Contestant
Caleb Lee Hutchinson; Photo via YouTube

One confident American Idol audition gave Luke Bryan a run for his money when the contestant showed off his impressive miming of the country singer during his time in front of the judges.

18-year-old Caleb Lee Hutchinson of Dallas, GA made a good first impression with Bryan from the start thanks to his Southern drawl and country-clad look. The minute that the Georgia boy began to praise Bryan for his contribution to country music these days, Hutchinson took it upon himself to show admiration by way of talking just like the famous singer.

Doing a fake radio plug in Bryan’s signature speaking voice, each of the judges’ eyes lit up in excitement. Bryan gave it a go as well, with Hutchinson claiming he did it better than the original. Earning a quick laugh from the table, the contestant began to sing “If It Hadn’t Been for Love” by the Steeldrivers and enticed Bryan even further.

Lionel Richie complimented Hutchinson’s depth within his vocals, which Katy Perry concurred, but Bryan gave a bit of constructive criticism by advising him to focus on vibrato at the right moments instead of a consistent pattern. Nevertheless, Hutchinson still earned himself a golden ticket to Hollywood with a unanimous positive decision.

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