Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum Preparing New Albums

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum Preparing New Albums

Top Capitol Nashville recording artists Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum are both currently hard at work preparing their third studio albums.

Bryan’s success began with his debut album, I’ll Stay Me, and continued with his sophomore release, Doin’ My Thing. Luke says his third album will be a direct extension of his first two as he tries to stay true to his roots. Luke recently told The Boot “Things will be the same, but it will obviously be different in some ways, too. I think the main thing is stick to what got you here, but also show some growth. People want to see a little bit of growth. I don’t want to change too much. I’ve worked hard to brand what I’ve got going on, if that’s anything. I want to try to keep that going, that way people can kind of know what they’re getting when they go buy an album.”

While Luke continues to work on the new music, you can catch him on the road this summer as part of Tim McGraw’s “Emotional Traffic” tour.

Meanwhile, Lady Antebellum hit the studio earlier this month to begin the recording process on their third album and plan on concentrating solely on that album for the next couple of months. Lady A member Charles Kelley recently told Entertainment Weekly “We were touring between the recording process the last two times we've done it. We actually just went ahead and decided we're gonna take two, two and a half months straight in the studio to create this thing and not have all this distraction. Hopefully that will be a good thing… I always laugh and say that I thought we worked good in the chaos, and that was why it worked. We'll see if having too much time, what that does to us. Hopefully it's gonna make the process more enjoyable and not so stressful.”

Although the trio doesn’t want to put any added pressure on themselves, Charles says that they are aware of what could be at stake with their third album. “Third records, they can be the most important ones in somebody's career. They can kind of make and break. If people have enjoyed the first two, if you don't come up with something special on the third one to really knock them dead, you can take a few steps back. Hopefully we'll come out swinging on this record,” he says. He also revealed that in order to help set this album apart from the others, they’re thinking of having their very first collaboration. Although he didn’t reveal who they’d do their collaboration with, he did say who it won’t be with… “Probably not Bieber,” he joked.

Since both Bryan and Lady A are in the beginning stages of recording their new albums, no timetable has been announced for the releases.