Why Luke Bryan Takes His Sons Fishing

“When I look back on my experiences as a kid with my dad, at the top of those lists are always moments that I spent in the outdoors with him,” said Bryan.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Why Luke Bryan Takes His Sons Fishing
Luke Bryan and Tate; Photo via Twitter

Luke Bryan may be one of Country music’s biggest superstars, winning numerous awards and scoring No.1 song after No.1 song, but there’s a title he cherishes above all else… dad. The “Fast” singer is father to two boys, Bo and Tate, with his wife Caroline, while also assuming the parental roles for their nephew Til, whose parents both passed away in recent years.

Though much of his year is spent on the road playing shows for his fans around the world, Bryan appreciates the moments he can unplug and create memories with his kids. Recently, the Georgia native took his boys fishing, something he and his dad used to enjoy together.

“When I look back on my experiences as a kid with my dad, at the top of those lists are always moments that I spent in the outdoors with him,” he explained. “When you’re in a fishing boat with your child for four or five hours, you just can’t replicate that time in any other, I mean, it’s just perfectly well-spent time, in my opinion.”

The time spent with rod in hand is important to Bryan, though he sometimes worries his kids won’t appreciate it quite like he did.

“You know, I worry do I sometimes take ‘em fishing too much and then they’re gonna burn out on fishing, but I fished every day and I hunted a lot, and that just gives you that type of spirit. It gives you an outdoor kind of spirit, and that will carry you through really the rest of your life, and that’s all I really want to do with them. When I’m an old man and they can look back and go, ‘Thank you, Dad, for putting this time in,’ and always wanting me to come along, and that’s kind of how my dad did it with me. You get to a point in your life where the gift of taking somebody fishing is a very, very neat experience.”

Bryan has always been open about making his family a priority and embracing the pandemonium he faces at home with three young boys around.

“It is constant chaos,” he shared during a recent interview. “With young children, there are a hundred moments a day when you want to slow it down and seize the moment,” he continued. “My boys are amazing and great and perfect and precious. Til is 15 and I think he’s an inch taller than me now — he’s like 6’3″, and he’s a beanpole of a man. But I can’t wrestle with him anymore because he can throw me around pretty good. And Bo and Tate are into Nerf guns and fishing and the outdoors — all my boys are. I’ve brainwashed them quite well!”

Fans can catch Bryan on his Huntin’, Fishin’ & Lovin’ Every Day Tour through the fall.