Luke Bryan is Excited to Have Cole Swindell, Jon Langston on Sunset Repeat Tour

Luke Bryan is beaming with excitement to have both Cole Swindell and Jon Langston out with him!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Luke Bryan is Excited to Have Cole Swindell, Jon Langston on Sunset Repeat Tour
Jon Langston, Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell by photo by John Shearer

With his Sunset Repeat Tour several weeks underway, Luke Bryan recently shared about what went behind his decision to bring Cole Swindell and Jon Langston out on the road with him.

For starters, he knew that Swindell could certainly be able to headline his own tour. And because of that, he felt that this would be his last chance to have another fun summer and opportunity with him. So, when the “Love You Too Late” singer agreed to sign on, Bryan was ecstatic.

“The big thing with Cole and I is we certainly have a long, long history together from the early years of our careers. And then we’ve missed out a lot of hang time. The fact that we get another year where we’ll be seeing each other a lot is really exciting for me.”

And with Langston, it made complete sense for him to join the tour. In September of last year, it was announced that the 28-year-old newcomer was the first artist signed to Bryan’s own 32 Bridge Entertainment record label, a subset of the parent Universal Music Group.

With his flagship artist tagging along for the ride, Bryan is fully embracing his role as a nurturing mentor. “I love the opportunity to get him out there with us and when he’s got questions, answer the questions. We can kind of look after him and make sure he learns the thing he needs to learn and forgets some of my bad habits or something. “It just felt like the right thing, it felt like the right time, and I’m excited for certainly my fans to get to know Jon better.”

The Sunset Repeat Tour launched at the BB&T Pavilion in Philadelphia, PA on May 31 and spans through October 12 in Raleigh, N.C.. For tickets and more information on the tour, click HERE.