Luke Bryan Brings People of All Ages Together in ‘Most People Are Good’ Video

Luke Bryan unites individuals from all backgrounds to show that connecting with others brings positivity back into the spotlight.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Luke Bryan Brings People of All Ages Together in ‘Most People Are Good’ Video
Luke Bryan; Photo via Vevo

Luke Bryan wanted his latest radio single to unite communities with one another and express how kindness can spread like wildfire, so he brought life to the lyrics of “Most People Are Good” throughout his new music video.

As kids run around and friends exchange hugs, Bryan looks on proudly as he belts out the words of the track. From families standing together to couples holding hands with smiles on their faces, the country singer proves one example at a time that the world is actually a wonderful place if you just look around and find it.

Even though clips of what’s aired on evening news and natural disaster devastation play behind Bryan as he’s singing, he reminds viewers that it’s the genuine connection between us all that bring citizens together to help one another and brighten up the days of those who need some lightness in their lives.

Known as one of his more serious songs to hit radio, Bryan thought the message was important to broadcast in this day and age with all of the tragedy in the world. Noting that positive themes radiate further than the drama that finds its way to the media, the Georgia singer just hoped to encourage everyone to believe in the good by taking just one simple listen to a song like his.

“I think that ‘Most People Are Good’ might be one of my best songs I’ve ever recorded,” Bryan said previously about the single. “I think it’s a song that will truly help people believe in people again. I think it’s so truthful in so many ways. We do get reminded every day of all the negativity of what humans are, and truly it’s only .001 percent of people causing all the negativity. I mean, I truly believe that.”

“Most People Are Good” is one of the singles off Bryan’s latest record, What Makes You Country. Fans can purchase the album everywhere now.