Luke Combs, Kane Brown and Willie Jones Get Their Own Baseball Cards

The push to bring Major League Baseball to Nashville just got more collectible!

Written by Chris Parton
Luke Combs, Kane Brown and Willie Jones Get Their Own Baseball Cards
Willie Jones and Luke Combs; Artwork by Daniel Sulzberg

As baseball fans like Luke Combs, Kane Brown and Willie Jones continue their push to bring a Major League team to Nashville, the country singers have a new way to collect support — baseball cards.

The trio are featured on brand new, super collectable baseball cards, designed by Music City Baseball, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Adidas, Topps Trading Cards and the Fluent Group. And you can get them all now.

For a little background, Combs, Brown and Jones are all members of Music City Baseball’s Music Industry Advisors team — a group aiming to found a new professional team called the Nashville Stars. The name tributes one of the Negro League teams who played in Music City back in the 1940s, and the new baseball cards celebrate that history.

With each “rookie” card featuring an incredible illustration by Daniel Sulzberg (aka Danvillage Illustration), the hit makers rock their Nashville Stars Adidas jerseys, and the back of the card describes a Negro League story or player that most resonated with each advisor.

The group met with Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to become familiar with the stories of legendary players and select a player whose history and passion resonated with them the most. Combs chose 18th & Vine, Brown chose Willie Mays, and Jones selected Satchel Paige.

“The great Buck O’Neil once said ‘At 18th & Vine, you couldn’t toss a baseball without hitting a musician, and you couldn’t whistle a tune without having a ballplayer join in,'” Luke Combs said, describing Kansas City’s home of jazz music and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. “I chose this story for my card because it still rings true today — man, I love my job but it sure would be cool to trade places with a professional baseball player for a day.”

“The legend of Satchel is more than being one of the greatest pitchers of all time – he knew how to bring another level of energy to the game,” Jones adds. “Fans exited the stadium knowing he left everything on the field and entertained the heck out of them from start to finish. That’s what I aspire to do.”

Fans can get their hands on the Nashville Stars rookie cards here, and get more information on the quest to create a major league franchise in Music City here.