Lunchbox from ‘The Bobby Bones Show’ Has a Baby on the Way

Congratulations to Lunchbox on this exciting news!

Written by Kelly Brickey
Lunchbox from ‘The Bobby Bones Show’ Has a Baby on the Way
The Bobby Bones Show team; photo via Instagram

Fans of The Bobby Bones Show can finally take a breather after the anxiously-awaited announcement that host Bobby Bones said during his Monday morning show (3/12).

Letting the tension build up to a high amount of pressure for anyone tuning in, Bones went through how much he appreciates every listener for allowing him to get to live out a dream on a daily basis. Although uninformed guesses could have been made to assume that the news was on Bones’ plate, he swung the attention over to his pal Lunchbox to get the scoop for what’s to come.

Not wasting any time, Lunchbox began to yell at the top of his lungs that he and his lady are expecting a little one on the way. Although he’s known for being more of a prankster in the studio, Lunchbox couldn’t hold back the tears after admitting to the baby news. All of the other members from the broadcast seemed thrilled and couldn’t believe it was happening after Lunchbox revealed that the couple had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half.

Lunchbox even told Bones that he was feeling all sorts of a emotions from “joy” to “excitement” to “fear” all at one time. He also talked about how hard it’s been to keep everything a secret from their friends and listeners since the pregnancy marks a huge turning point in Lunchbox’s life.

The couple, who found out they had a baby on the way a couple weeks after the Christmas holiday, will plan ahead for their late August due date.

It seems like The Bobby Bones Show family continues to grow as Amy finally got to bring home her two adopted children from Haiti just a few months ago. After all of the paperwork and time dedicated to visit the little ones in their home country, Amy and her husband finally got the stamp of approval to become mother and father of their son and daughter.

Congratulations to Lunchbox and his family on their soon-to-be child!