Mabes Questions Fairy Tale Romance in Too Young to Love

How do you know when you've found the one?

Written by Chris Parton
Mabes Questions Fairy Tale Romance in Too Young to Love
MABES; Photo credit: Kate Belm

British folk-pop newcomer Mabes captures the mysterious nature of true romance in her latest laid-back effort, dropping “Too Young to Love.”

Honing in on the complexity of love and the uncertainty of commitment, the reality-based ballad is all about the idea that relationships rarely play out like they do in a movie. The heart and head don’t always agree, and knowing for sure you’ve found “the one” is the exception, not the rule. With Mabes’ breathy vocal and a serene sonic presentation, she questions her own romantic hesitation.

“What is love? And how will I know when I feel it?” she explains of the conflicted track. “As we grow up, our love radar develops, and we find ourselves having romantic connections. When it’s reciprocated it’s the closest thing to magic, but when circumstances change so can the ‘perfect soul mate’. How do we know when we’ve found love if we have yet to feel it before? How do we know when we have found ‘the one’ if we’ve only encountered a fraction of the people fate has set us up to meet in life?” 

“Is holding onto us even worse than giving up? ‘Cause baby I’m cut down the middle, I know I should know but I don’t. Could it be it’s not enough? Or are we just too young to love?,” goes the chorus. 

Mabes continues to draw attention after a pair of promising releases, including her 2019 debut album Wait & See and the 2020 EP Keeping The Noise Down.