Maddie & Tae Release Spirited New Single, ‘Woman You Got’

Maddie & Tae Release Spirited New Single, ‘Woman You Got’
Maddie & Tae; Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

Maddie & Tae are getting honest about the kind of women they are in their brand new single, “Woman You Got,” released on Friday, March 26. In the lively tune, the duo’s Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr sing from the perspective of a wife letting her spouse know what to expect from a marriage with her.

“You put a ring on a wild thing,” they sing in the first line of the song.

Throughout the track, the women sing about all the ways they’re not perfect, using funny examples such as “I talk smack, I make messes,” “Don’t trust me in the kitchen,” and “I lose my phone, can’t hold my liquor.” The character in the song admits that these so-called “flaws” may drive her spouse a little crazy at times, but she’s not ashamed by them. Throughout all these questionable traits, the woman’s partner can also count on her lasting love.

“When it comes to loving you I’m never gonna stop, and that’s the kind of woman you got,” they sing in the chorus.

These humorous examples and clever lyrics are backed by upbeat, summer-ready instrumentation and the duo’s classic harmonies. “Woman You Got” was co-written by Font and Kerr, along with Laura Veltz and Mark Holman, and was inspired by the duo’s real-life experience with their husbands. Font got married in 2019 and Kerr tied the knot in 2020.

“This song is the most autobiographical song we have ever written,” said Font of the song. “Our hope is that this song is an anthem for all our fans, male and female!”

The duo posted on social media on the day of the release, calling it their “sassy little love song.”

“Our sassy little love song to our hubbies is OUT now,” they wrote on Instagram alongside a video announcement. “If you’re wild, messy, flawed and ya love like hell… now it’s your sassy little love song too.”

“Woman You Got” follows their hit single, “Die From A Broken Heart” from their most recent album, The Way It Feels. The song officially impacts radio April 19.