Maddie & Tae Share Holiday Plans, Favorite Christmas Memories and Traditions

We love their Christmas memories too!

Maddie & Tae Share Holiday Plans, Favorite Christmas Memories and Traditions
Maddie & Tae; Cover art courtesy of UMG Nashville

The holidays are just around the corner, and Maddie & Tae are looking forward to being able to celebrate with their families. Although the coronavirus pandemic has shifted plans for some people, the country duo have found ways to celebrate safely in their home states.

“Plans for Christmas in quarantine this year for us, we’re gonna safely go down to Texas and probably stay for a little while and we are just gonna try to make it as normal as possible,” says Maddie Font, who hails from Sugar Land, Texas.

Taylor Kerr, or Tae, shared that she has similar plans to go home and see some family in Oklahoma in a safe manner.

“We’re gonna do the same,” said Kerr. “Safely go to Oklahoma and be with our families safely.”

“Maybe we don’t get to see everyone, but whoever we get to see I’ll be so excited,” added Font. “We’re already talking about for our grandmas of doing a little drive-by, something fun where we can like throw out presents.”

The women also talked about their favorite Christmas memories and the traditions that they love to do during the holidays. For Kerr, her favorite Christmas memory is when she met her niece.

“This is gonna be a personal one for me,” she says. “Christmas 2017 was right around the time my niece was born. She was born on December 11th, so right before Christmas, she was like the best Christmas gift ever, so basically I got to spend the whole month of December with her and my sister-in-law and brother, just holding that baby. So, that’s probably going to be one of my favorite Christmas memories ever.”

As far as Christmas traditions go, Font and her husband Jonah have a few fun ones that they have to do every holiday season.

“We always get a real tree every year, because Jonah’s a stickler for a real tree thing,” she says. “We always shave off a little part of the bottom of the tree and make an ornament out of the little thing, so we’ll put the year on all of them and collect them. We’ve actually just started collecting nutcrackers, which is super weird, but we name them all. Oh, and White Elephant.”