Maren Morris Parties with Friends and Family at First No. 1 Event

Maren Morris went back to the bar where it all began to celebrate her song, "I Could Use a Love Song," going No. 1 at radio.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Maren Morris Parties with Friends and Family at First No. 1 Event
Maren Morris; Photo courtesy Sony Music Nashville

Maren Morris achieved huge success with the release of her debut album, HERO, and critical acclaim for her sassy singles, but never had she reached the No. 1 slot with a single. So in pure celebration of that monumental point in her career, the singer decided to go back to where it all began to party with her closest loved ones.

When Morris was writing with her pals, Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins, they all never expected the song would become what it did. Although their undeniable songwriting chemistry overflowed with lines throughout the session, even the country star didn’t expect “I Could Use a Love Song” to be her first time on the top of the charts.

“Sometimes, your songs teach you things that you didn’t maybe necessarily know the day you wrote it and I just remember having so much fun the day that we wrote this song and we knew it was instantly special. We just word-vomited all the lyrics. It was just like, ‘Oh, I wish I could like roll my eyes at a guy and a girl.’ We were just spit-balling really quickly, so it was such a fun song to write. Even though it’s really heavy, it has this hopeful edge to it as well and it all sort of worked out. So, I never thought it would be this song that would be my first but I’m so, so thankful that it is because I got to write with two of my best friends and we get to share this together and it’s my first No. 1. So, we’re never going to forget this moment in our careers,” Morris told Sounds Like Nashville and other media.

Understanding how pivotal the moment would be, Morris never lost touch with her roots as she honored the award right back at the bar where she shot her album cover and dropped its release over in East Nashville. Just like that, Morris reflected upon the past few years in her career and knew this day was something special that she could never forget.

“It’s like all these milestones, but still you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I still live on the east side. I still love bars and I was like I need to do it back here at The Crying Wolf and really do it the right way and have all the people I love here. I remember looking out in the crowd two years ago at Laura and Jimmy here and I was like, and that was one of the newer songs we had added to the record was ‘I Could Use a Love Song.’ It was one of the last to make it into the batch so it was like, ‘Oh my god, I cannot believe that we wrote just a few weeks ago and now it’s recorded and it’s stamped. It’s on the record,’ and then I don’t think even back then we knew that it would get this far and the whole album itself two years later is on the road to platinum and it’s just all crazy stuff that’s happening,” Morris explained.

The singer thanked her team for getting her all the way, and teared up in a tribute to her fiancé, Ryan Hurd. All the hard work paid off for Morris and her crew, and she knew it was the humble beginnings that got her to that point.

Morris’ next single, “Rich,” hit country radio and the music video for the song will premiere in the next coming weeks.