Maren Morris Gets Real with Chelsea Handler on ‘Chelsea’

The two chat on Morris' tour bus about what makes the entertainment industry weird and raw.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Maren Morris Gets Real with Chelsea Handler on ‘Chelsea’
Maren Morris, Chelsea Handler; Photo via Instagram

Not only is Maren Morris a talented country artist who has established her name in the format over the past year, she’s also unbelievably down-to-earth and is known for telling it like it is in her music and career.

Meeting up with the lady who is famous for cutting to the point, Morris sat down on her tour bus with talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler for a raw one-on-one to discuss all of the ignorance they somewhat perceive in the entertainment industry.

Calling out the biggest lesson she’s learned so far during her time in the spotlight, Morris admits that she finds it quite odd and hilarious that people constantly pretend to think they have everything together in a flawless manner.

“Well, a really big thing I’ve learned, and I think it’s so liberating, when you realize no one knows what they’re doing,” said Morris. “Like, that’s so f**king funny to me.”

Alluding even more so to the point she and Handler are trying to discuss, they bring up the faults that make people more genuine in the industry and how even the social faux pas that create an individual in the limelight can make them relatable and as Handler puts it, “salty.”

The episode of the Netflix original talk show, Chelsea, which Morris appears on, can be streamed through Netflix online now.