Maren Morris Sends ‘Rich’ Off to Country Radio

Maren Morris rewarded her fans for getting her to No. 1 on the charts with a new radio release, "Rich," off her debut album.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Maren Morris Sends ‘Rich’ Off to Country Radio
Maren Morris; Photo by Alex Ferrari

Although she may be experimenting with new sounds for her sophomore record, Maren Morris didn’t want to leave HERO behind quite yet as she sent “Rich” go out to country radio.

The Texas native just landed her first solo No. 1 with “I Could Use a Love Song” and thought there was no better way to celebrate such an accomplishment than by thanking the fans with a new single for them to jam out to. Giving radio a bit of attitude with “Rich,” Morris wanted something tongue-in-cheek to represent her true identity as an artist.

“‘Rich’ feels like the perfect, confidant, laugh-the-B.S.-off-with-your-friends kind of song to go into spring with. More importantly, ‘Rich’ is the first time we’ve really let fans pick the single, so it was a no-brainer to make it my final single from HERO,” Morris said.

She also decided to go along with “Rich” as the fourth single to hit radio from her debut because fans grasped the song’s lyrics from the get-go. Every show she played no matter where in the world she was, Morris noticed how loud the crowd got whenever the chorus of the track would drop and wanted to bring that energy to radio.

“I remember from the first headline tour I did over a year ago, everyone in the crowd was singing the chorus so loud that I was completely stunned. From the Bowery in New York City to Shepherds Bush Empire in London, my fans grabbed ahold of ‘Rich’ and never let go, so I wanted my debut album to go out with a bang! This is for them,” the singer explained of the radio release.

Not only does Morris have a big task ahead of her with the release of “Rich” to radio, but she also will hit the road rather soon as the opening act on Niall Horan’s Flicker World Tour this summer. More information can be found online at Morris’ official website.