Mark Chesnutt Diagnosed with COVID-19 While Recovering from Surgery

This is a double whammy for the singer.

Mark Chesnutt Diagnosed with COVID-19 While Recovering from Surgery
Mark Chesnutt; Photo Courtesy Music City Media

Mark Chesnutt and his wife Tracie have both contracted COVID-19, the singer shared in an announcement on his Twitter account. The diagnosis comes as Chesnutt is recovering from back surgery, which took place in late July.

“Just wanted to give everyone a little update. I am currently on the mend from my back surgery.  But, while doing so my wife Tracie and I have tested positive for Covid-19! Thank you all for the continuous prayers!” Chesnutt tweeted on August 15th.

Upon the announcement of his back surgery in mid-July Chesnutt canceled his tour dates through September. The surgery aimed to correct a back problem the singer had been dealing with for a while.

“I’ve been suffering with this for a very long time, and postponed as long as I could,” said Chesnutt. “When the doctor says: ‘You have no choice,’ you have no choice! I hate to get off the road, just as the venues opened back up. I was really looking forward to this year! I appreciate the support and understanding from my fans, and I’ll see you all real soon.”

Chesnutt later updated that his surgery was set for July 22nd, and after the surgery, the singer’s team updated fans on his condition.

“Mark is out of surgery and doing well. His Doctor said that everything went as planned and he should have a complete recovery,” reads a July 22nd tweet.

Chesnutt has not yet announced if the COVID-19 diagnosis will alter his touring plans any further. Chesnutt is famous for hits such as “Bubba Shot The Jukebox,” “Old Flames Have New Names,” and more. He and wife Tracie were married in 1992.