Martina McBride Announces New Album, ‘Everlasting’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Martina McBride Announces New Album, ‘Everlasting’

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Exciting news, Martina McBride fans…The singer will be releasing new music very soon!

In an announcement made on Thursday, McBride shared the news of her upcoming album, Everlasting.

The album will cover a number of classics, ranging form Elvis to Van Morrison. Though the collection of songs will be more R&B and soul than country, McBride is excited about expanding her repertoire. “These songs have beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics, which is basically all you can ask for as a singer. While this is a bit of a departure for me song-wise, stylistically I approached these songs the way I always have which is singing with as much soul and emotion as I possibly can,” says McBride. “I think my fans will love this record because they are some of the best songs of all time done in a very classic style. I’m so excited for them to hear it and to take this record, complete with a horn section, on the road in the spring.”

“Martina is a singer’s singer. She brings a richness, soul and vulnerability to these songs that no one else could,” adds her producer Don Was. “It’s also testimony to both Martina’s vocal prowess and her strong vision as an artist that she is able to step into these well-worn, classic songs and completely make them her own…she has an approach and a point-of-view that are unmistakable.”

McBride took to her Facebook to explain why the album has a different sound.


Everlasting will be released March 4, 2014.