Martina McBride Answers Fan Questions

Martina McBride Answers Fan Questions

USA Today recently sat down with Martina McBride and got the country superstar to answer some fan questions. Read below as Martina talks about her greatest responsibility in life, the recent flooding in Nashville, her upcoming tour plans and much more…

1. What does she like about the music industry?

“I love pretty much everything about it. I have loved music and performing all my life and wanted to be part of this industry since I can remember, before it was an industry. “

2. What were her thoughts on the floods in Nashville? And why none of it was being covered in the media?

“It was a devastating time for so many people. The thing that was really inspiring to me was how everyone volunteered and you really felt the community. I think we could have gotten more media coverage … It was devastating for so many people who lost everything.”

Was she affected? “I was very lucky. We were not affected, but we know people who were. Pretty much every one knows someone who was affected.”

3. Whose work does she admire and why? (musically)

“I admire so many people. This is the hardest question I ever get. I love music. I love all kinds of music and right now in country music I really think Miranda Lambert has made a great album. I’m happy to see her star shining. Lady Antebellum opened for me when I was touring a couple times. I’m glad to see them doing well. There’s always somebody that’s doing well and is great to see that.”

4. What are your upcoming tour plans?

“We’ve had a little bit of a break since the second leg in May. We’re taking a break now. We head out the third week of July, to the West Coast and Canada to do 15 shows. Two and a half weeks of traveling.”

Will the kids go along? “Yes, especially in the summer. In the school year, we try to plan around their school schedule. The summer is when we can all pile in the bus and tour together. During the school year, it’s getting a bit more sporadic.”

Do the girls like it? “They do, actually. They’ve done it their whole lives. My band and crew have been with me a really long time. They’ve known the girls since they were babies.”

Do any of them want to follow in your footsteps? “Not that I can tell so far. I want them to do whateve it is that makes them happy. They’re playing sports.”

5. She is the best singer – who would she want a duet with?

“I’ve been fortunate. I’ve had some pretty great duets. Hmmm. I can’t think of who right now.”

6. When you listen to your early recordings and compare your voice to how it sounds now, what changes do you notice?

“There’s been a change in the tone of my voice. I think it’s gotten deeper. I’ve noticed it gets deeper with each child, so it’s as low as it’s going to go! (laughs). Singing more and on the road, your voice gets different texture. It changes. In some ways, I’m in better voice than ever. Also there’s a confidence in it that comes from making a lot of records and having hits.”

7. Is she most proud of her musical career or her motherhood? She seems to be great at both.

“Obviously, my proudest thing is being a mom. My biggest responsibility is raising three human beings and turning them out into the world and I hope they have learned well and will make the world a better place. But I think also having a music career and doing what I love to do and having a passion for it is a great example as well. You can follow your dreams and follow your heart. When you’re fulfilled, you’re a happier parent.”

8. Are there any future plans to do anything else with Pat Benatar?

“I hope so! No concrete plans. I would love to.”

9. Are there any songs you’ve passed on that you later regretted not recording?

“I haven’t regretted anything. I’ve passed on songs that have gone on But it’s kind of like, when you look at a rack of gorgeous dresses. You can try them, but they don’t really fit or make you look great. They look great on someone else. Songs are not right for some people and right for some other people.”

Can you name one you passed on?

Wild One, Faith Hills’ first song. It was a perfect song for her.”

10. If somebody is trying to break into the music biz, how do you recommend they try to do it?

“Well, it’s really hard. There’s certainly no handbook. If you’re talking about country music, it helps a lot to be in Nashville. I moved from Kansas. I certainly wasn’t going to make it happen there. That would be critical. All I can really speak to is how I did it. I moved to town and went around and looked for songs and somehow got my foot in the door. And it’s a really nice town. People took pity. They played me songs and I made a demo tape and delivered it around to the record companies and got turned down by everybody. Then I made another one and heard RCA was looking for someone. It’s perseverance and being in the right place at the right time.”