Martina McBride Reveals the Music She Listens to in Her Free Time

Give McBride a little bit of Beatles and Van Morrison, and she's set for life.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Martina McBride Reveals the Music She Listens to in Her Free Time
Photo Courtesy Nash Icon Records

While Martina McBride is known for her career in country music, it doesn’t stop her from listening to tons of other artists for genres that couldn’t be further from the honkytonk sound.

Her music tastes have changed throughout the years, but McBride keeps her heart stuck on the sounds of some classic rock when she gets the chance to hang out. She switches it up from artist to artist, but her guilty pleasure happens to fall right within the 60s and 70s style of tunes.

“Probably for the past year, we have listened to Van Morrison, ‘Moondance,’ on vinyl probably at least three or four times a week all the way through. It’s just always on in our house. And well, the Beatles, obviously. Even though John really, I mean I knew the Beatles, of course, but I didn’t know a lot of their music until we started dating. So that was a huge discovery and a thing to share with me. You know, when you start dating somebody and you’re like, ‘What music do you like?’ and they play you songs. So that was a huge one was the Beatles. I’ve always loved Creedence Clearwater Revival and Ricky Lee, we’d play that record over and over and over again when we first started dating. And Peter Gabriel, so that was a big record at the time in 1987,” McBride said recently.

With an eclectic mix of all things classic rock, it can be said that McBride has great taste in music and could be the DJ at any cool kid party.

McBride is currently on the road for the Sarah Cannon Tour with Band Against Cancer, playing shows across the country with artists such as Cassadee Pope, Thompson Square and Hudson Moore. More details about the tour can be found on her website.