Matt Stillwell To Release New Album, ‘Right On Time,’ March 11

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Matt Stillwell To Release New Album, ‘Right On Time,’ March 11

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Matt Stillwell will release his sophomore album, Right On Time, on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Produced by Mickey Jack Cones and recorded at Westwood Studios in Nashville, TN, the album will be released by Still7 Records and distributed by Average Joes Entertainment.

The 12-track release features five songs co-written by Stillwell, including the groovy title track that sets the theme for the collection. Stillwell admits there has been quite some time between his albums, but strongly believes the timing could not be better for where he is in life and where he stands as an artist. To him the album is “pun intended: it’s right on time.”

Stillwell explains, “This album means a lot to me on several levels. We’ve been playing a few of these songs live for a while now and people have been asking for the whole album, so it’ll be great to get it in their hands. For me this is also a collection of songs that I really believe in and that I’m proud of, so it’s a step in the right direction as an artist.”

Right On Time kicks-off with the catchy and slightly autobiographical tune for the country singer, “Cold Beer,” with high-energy tracks interspersed throughout the album including “Smoke ‘Em If You Got “Em,” a song about taking the gamble in life and the empowering “Ignition.” Stillwell touches on real emotions with the heartwarming balled “Enough” and the romantic “Rough Draft,” to the humbling, “I’m A Sinner.”

In anticipation of the release, fans are able to pre-order the album by clicking HERE.

Right On Time Track Listing:

1) “Cold Beer”
(Dean Dillon, Phil O’Donnell, Matt Stillwell)

2) “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em”
(Mickey Jack Cones, Matt Stillwell, Lynn Hutton )

3) “Ignition”
( Sherrie Austin, William Rambeaux, Paul Duncan)

4) “I Do What I Do”
( Wil Nance, Jim “Moose” Brown )

5) “Enough”
(Justin Moore, Ashe Underwood, Jamie Paulin)

6) “I’m A Sinner”
(Lynn Hutton, Matt Stillwell)

7) “The Way You Make Me Feel”
(Michael Jackson)

8) “Make Love For A Livin’”
(Brad Crisler, Craig Wiseman, Gary Nichols)

9) “Rough Draft”
(Johnny Bulford, Phil Barton)

10) “Sunshine”
(Lynn Hutton, Rodney Clawson)

11) “Remember Where You Come From”
(Lynn Hutton, Matt Stillwell, Jon Henderson)

12) “Right On Time”
(Matt Stillwell, Sherrie Austin, Will Rambeaux)