Matt Williams Calls For Unity In ‘Love on Somebody’

We need more uplifting and uniting songs like this.

Matt Williams Calls For Unity In ‘Love on Somebody’
Matt Williams; Photo courtesy of Woods Ent. Group

Matt Williams is spreading love and putting an end to hate in his new song, “Love on Somebody.” In the song, Williams sings of the “same old news” and “same old lies” on repeat. Throughout all the negative though, he urges listeners to “reach over fences” and work together to make a better world for the future generations. The solution for how to do this, according to Williams, lies in the chorus.

“Love on somebody, love on somebody, throw some gas on hate and then light it. Love on somebody, let somebody pour some love on you,” he sings.

Although the tune was written over a year ago and recorded six months ago, it rings true to the issues and disagreements the country has been facing over these past few months, especially regarding the nationwide fight for racial equality.

“Love on Somebody was a song that I couldn’t put down,” says Williams. “This song speaks so much truth in how we should be towards one another. It was powerful! I feel in our society today there is absolutely no reason for racism to exist, yet it does. Our country needs to come together and unite and understand that we won’t always agree on things, but that’s the beauty of it, we don’t have to.”

Williams continues, stressing that the song is meant to bring people who have different opinions and beliefs together to work towards one common goal — regardless of who they are or what they look like.

“There should be no judgment or assumptions made of a man or woman just because of the color of their skin,” he says. “We are the most diverse country on the planet. We can disagree and still love and respect each other no matter where he or she is from. We were all made different and that’s why no one is the same. ‘Love on Somebody’ should be our anthem as we walk hand in hand enjoying the freedoms of this beautiful country. I ask that everyone listen and let’s overcome this nonsense. Love on Somebody!”

Williams is a country up-and-comer and combat Army Veteran from Alabama. He recently garnered widespread attention for his cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man,” released in early June.