Mickey Guyton Reveals She’s Having A Boy: ‘I Pray For Him’

It's a boy for Guyton and her husband!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Mickey Guyton Reveals She’s Having A Boy: ‘I Pray For Him’
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - SEPTEMBER 16: Mickey Guyton attends the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry on September 16, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. The ACM Awards airs on September 16, 2020 with some live and some prerecorded segments. (Photo by John Shearer/ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM)

Mickey Guyton is expecting her first child with husband Grant Savoy, and she has officially announced that they’ll be welcoming a son! Guyton shared the news, and her excitement, with People.

“This baby is an absolute miracle,” she said.

While she is looking forward to the new addition, Guyton added that she is praying hard for her little one, as he is about to enter a world in which racial discrimination still exists. Guyton shared that her husband has unfortunately experienced this throughout his life.

“I’ve seen racial injustice happen to my husband,” she shared. “I’ve had a ‘Karen’ falsely make claims against him and say some of the most heinous things, like the N-word. I’m growing this Black child in my belly that is going to have to face this. I pray for him.”

Guyton, who has been an active voice this year as the fight against racial injustice has intensified, also shared that this baby was somewhat of a surprise. After the initial shock wore off, however, she embraced the news wholeheartedly.

“I was just a complete deer in the headlights and completely shocked and terrified and scared,” she said. “In my mind, as a woman in the music industry, you think, ‘Oh, I can’t be pregnant and have a career. I can’t be a mom and have a career.’ I thought those things. I had to just completely do some deprogramming in my mind and realize that we all deserve happiness and we all deserve a family.”

As Guyton and Savoy get ready to welcome their son into their family, the singer stressed that she simply wants to be the kind of parent who accepts her child for whoever he will want to be.

“I just want this baby to just have its own life and have its own choices,” she says, “and I will accept this baby for who or whatever it chooses to be. I just want to support it in every way that I can.”