Midland Front Man Reveals Terrifying Details of Daughter’s Birth

"It was the scariest moment, the worst moment," Mark Wystrach explained.

Written by Chris Parton
Midland Front Man Reveals Terrifying Details of Daughter’s Birth
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - NOVEMBER 13: Mark Wystrach of Midland attends Big Machine Label Group celebration of The 53rd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville at The Bell Tower on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Big Machine Label Group)

Midland front man Mark Wystrach and his wife Tyler, were on top of the world when they introduced their first child, a daughter named Sundance “Sunny” Leon, to fans on social media last November. But the couple endured a terrifying experience to get there.

Just after Sunny’s arrival, Midland’s record label posted a scary announcement to Instagram, saying the band would postpone their year-end UK tour “due to a medical emergency following the birth of lead singer Mark Wystrach and his wife Ty’s child.” And now Wystrach has opened up about what happened.

“We had a really scary, unexpected, emergency C-section that we had a fetal to maternal hemorrhage, and we lost the baby’s heartbeat and my wife, Tyler’s, vitals were crashing,” Wystrach explains in audio captured for the press by Big Machine Label Group.

“It was the scariest moment, the worst moment, and in a weird way, the best moment of your life,” Wystrach went on, admitting he was getting emotional as the desperate feeling of helplessness was “still there.” “It scared me, when you almost lose your wife and your kid and then you don’t, and you’re surrounded by your family and your friends and your community and it kinda rearranges your priorities and makes you throw up a bunch and kind of checks your ego back.”

Luckily both Ty and Sunny pulled through, and after a precautionary week in the hospital, the family was sent home. Since then Midland has continued to burn the honky-tonk candle at both ends, releasing their two-stepping new single, “Cheatin’ Songs,” rescheduling their UK tour to March (just after a run of European dates), and more. But Wystrach has a new outlook on what it all means.

“Because of that experience and we got really lucky, it’s weird how life ends up being a gift,” he said. “It teaches you the greatest lesson, that this life is a gift and you can’t take it for granted.”