Midland’s Jess Carson and Wife Camille Welcome Baby Boy

Midland's Jess Carson is now the father of two after his son made a rowdy entrance outside of the hospital doors on Mother's Day.

Midland’s Jess Carson and Wife Camille Welcome Baby Boy
Midland's Jess Carson and family; Photo credit: Carla Allen

Midland’s Jess Carson may have a little bit of a “Drinkin’ Problem” after he and his wife had an adventurous parking lot delivery of their second child on Sunday, May 14. Parker Emmanuel, the second child of Jess and his wife Camille, made his entrance into the world at 9:20 a.m. just outside of the hospital’s front doors.

“He’s good – he had a wild entrance, but he’s healthy and he’s a happy little boy,” Carson told PEOPLE. “He’s pretty rambunctious, he likes to keep us on the move.”

After a 28-hour labor with their daughter Ida Mae, Carson hoped that if he’d been on the road with Midland, he’d be able to make it home in time for Baby No.2. Thankfully, Carson was home in Driftwood, TX for Mother’s Day when his son decided to make a quick entrance.

Camille’s water broke early, and not long after, the time between her contractions became shorter and shorter, making the hour long drive to the nearest hospital an extraordinary journey.

“We’re like half-way there and she’s saying, ‘Oh no, oh no, he’s coming,’ ” recalled Carson. “She calls the midwife and the midwife’s on the phone and she’s yelling at me and telling me to pull over and she’s gonna talk me through delivering Parker.”

Parker was able to stay put just long enough for the couple to pull up in into the emergency room roundabout. As Carson parked his Chevy Suburban and ran around to the passenger side door, there he was.

“He sure does know how to make an entrance,” added Carson. “Camille was so brave and strong – way more through it all than I was.”

Doctors met the family in the parking lot and transferred the family to a birthing suite.

Since the exciting debut, the new family has been adapting to life as a family of four, especially their first child, Ida.

“She’s figuring it out. I think it’s always hard for an older sibling,” shared Carson. “They have 100 percent of the attention and then here comes a newborn baby that needs around the clock care. But my personal relationship with Ida Mae has gotten even more special.”

“Our hearts are so full and our little family feels even more complete now,” he concluded.