Minor League Hockey Player Sports Jason Aldean on Mask

Looks like Aldean will make an appearance on the ice, but he won't be suiting up to play in the NHL anytime soon.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Minor League Hockey Player Sports Jason Aldean on Mask
Jason Aldean; Photo by Rick Diamond/Country Rising/Getty Images

It looks like Jason Aldean is trading over the world of hockey, but he’s not planning on lacing up his skates and playing a game.

A minor league hockey player by the name of Eddie Pasquale reached out to Headstrong Grafx for a custom-made goalie mask. As a player for the Syracuse Crunch, which is affiliated with the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL, Pasquale requested both Aldean’s and Canadian country singer Gord Bamford’s mugs spray-painted on the side of the protection device.

Adding some other design elements including the logo for the Tampa Bay Lightning and some color features of blue and black, the helmet won’t just defend Pasquale from any injury but also do it in style while keeping those pucks out of his goal.

While it may sound a tad extreme for a goalie to ask for a specialized mask, many players seek out their own unique masks to set them apart from their competition and show off their personalities in the rink.

At this time, it looks as though Aldean hasn’t seen the mask quite yet. But bets say that the country singer will be flattered for the recognition.

On Aldean’s end, he’ll be gearing up pretty soon to perform at the 53rd Annual ACM Awards and will also attend as a nominee. The 53rd Annual ACM Awards will air live from Las Vegas on Sunday, April 15, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.