Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Wrap Up Tour

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Wrap Up Tour

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are wrapping up their first tour together today. Miranda recently sat down with People.com to reflect on the tour with her boyfriend Blake.

“We didn’t know if we would kill each other or become closer,” she told People, “We made it through!”

Is it something Miranda could get used to? Well, maybe…”We each had our own buses but we spent the night on one or the other. He’s in total guy world on his bus. Whenever he comes off the road … he’ll be burping and poking at people and watching football and just being a guy,” said Miranda.

Now that the tour is wrapped up, Blake can concentrate on the release of his next album, Startin’ Fires, which hits stores November 18th!

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