Miranda Lambert Covers ‘Ladies Home Journal’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Miranda Lambert Covers ‘Ladies Home Journal’

Miranda Lambert appears on the cover of the March issue of Ladies Home Journal. Inside, Lambert opens up about her recent weight loss, Blake Shelton, family, and more.

Miranda has a lot to be happy about these days and tells the mag her songwriting is suffering from her current state of mind.

“Being happy is horrible for songwriting, especially for country music,” says Lambert. “We just want to write about leaving and sadness. We’re all better when we’re tormented. I have to put myself in a dark place if I want to write something good.”

When it comes to her relationship with Shelton, Lambert admits he changed her for the better.

“Blake is outdoorsy, outspoken and really funny,” she says. “I used to have no sense of humor. Everything was a big deal. I’ve gotten so much better about not taking things too seriously — and Blake is the reason why.”

Their living arrangements are a bit unique. The couple, who plans to wed later this spring, resides in two separate houses just a few miles away from each other. “When Blake gets on my nerves, I can go home,” she says but also admits that they split their time between her place and his. According to the article, Miranda and Blake plan to keep their two separate homes, even after they wed.

Lambert credits her recent weight loss to a lifestyle change, but admits she still loves “hamburger and meatloaf and mac-and-cheese” which are all things she says she “can’t have if I want to stay in my jeans!”

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