Miranda Lambert Dishes with ‘Southern Living’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Miranda Lambert Dishes with ‘Southern Living’

(Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn / via Southern Living)

When in Nashville, be on the lookout for country stars Miranda Lambert and husband Blake Shelton belting out songs during karaoke. Lambert tells Southern Living (at the time of the interview) that “Just last week Blake and I sang karaoke on Broadway here in Nashville. I did ‘Something to Talk About,’ by Bonnie Raitt. Blake’s signature song is Tracy Byrd’s ‘I’m from the Country.’

When asked what makes a Southern girl, Lambert responded, “She is sweet and hospitable but also confident and strong. A Southern girl isn’t a pushover and will kick your $%! if needed.”

Lambert shared with Southern Living that a favorite childhood memory growing up in East Texas was simply: “The joys of country life. We lived on a farm with a big garden and rabbits and hogs—some were pets and some were for food. It taught me how to live off the land, and that small-town life made me who I am.”

The county star proclaims Gruene Hall in the Hill Country as her favorite dance hall. “To me, it’s really the heart of Texas,” Lambert tells Southern Living. “You don’t know the Lone Star State until you’ve experienced Gruene Hall.”

In time for Turkey Day, Lambert considers her grandmother’s cornbread dressing the ultimate Thanksgiving dish. “I’ve never met anyone who could top it,” she says.

Lambert takes her barbecue very seriously, according to the magazine. “My family jokes that my smokehouse is nicer than my actual house,” Lambert tells Southern Living.

An avid hunter, Lambert tells Southern Living that her prized shot is a 12-point buck that she hit with her bow while hunting in Kansas.

When it comes to songwriting, Lambert considers Merle Haggard the top country scribe. “He never minces words and writes about his life and experiences with complete honesty,” she tells Southern Living. As for song lyrics, “If an idea comes to me in a bar, I just jot it down on a napkin and stuff it in my pocket,” she says.

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